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Students Need Self Storage

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As a student at the University of Harrisburg, you may think that self storage is a waste of money. Boy, you could not be more wrong on that one. In fact, self storage exists to ensure students save money in the long run. Sceptical? We thought you might be, so lets clear this up with some facts.

Self Storage & Students

We are sure of one thing and that is your life will be way easier with just the smallest of self storage units.

Cut Travel Coststravel, students, storage, costs

Moving back home? Going on a trip abroad? The same principle applies. If you are leaving the U of F to see family or the semester is over and you are vacationing, you need a place to keep your stuff. Your dorm is going to kick you out regardless of your things. So either, ship it all home and back, wasting hundred to dollars, or rent a cheap self storage unit and save all that money, we know you need it. If you are a first-time renter, we will even give you a free lock.

business, students, storageSide Business Storage

Face it, money is often tough in school and you probably have a side hustle. Well if space in that tiny dorm is becoming too much to handle, grab a self storage unit and use that as your workspace. Store all your inventory, grab it when you need. Selling stuff on craigslist? Our storage facility doubles as a safe place to meet potential buyers just keep your items here in one place. Use self storage to help you make money.

Create a Business

You’re smart, you’re in University, right? We wish that was always the case, but the really smart choice is to use a self storage unit for a small business. Take buying and selling things off craigslist create business, students, storageand eBay. Use your locker for storage, processing and shipping. I mean, for as low as $49 per month, you have your own personal little warehouse. Forget fast food, build your own business.

At Stop and Store Harrisburg we love students. We have the best deals in town. Send us an email or give us a call for a free quote today!


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