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Subletting? You Need Self Storage

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If you are thinking about subletting than you are on the right track to make some great money. But what if we told you that using self storage when subletting will increase the amount you earn? If you don’t believe us at the end of this article read it again.

Subletting and Self Storage

Subletting is the process of renting out your current home or apartment to someone else to cover rent or make extra cash. Often used when people travel for extended periods.

More Space Commands More Rent

People like their space and if your unit is cluttered to the brim, people will be less willing to pay a high price. By using a self storage unit, you can increase the usable space inside your home and demand a higher rent. The cost of self storage is so minimal you could easily ask for more than it costs to rent a unit.

Sublet Self Storage

Feel like making more cash on the side? Rent a self storage unit, create more space, charge more rent and offer storage options to your tenant. Many people who are looking to rent apartments are coming with too many things anyway and need a place to store them. You can always offer some space inside your unit and add on a nice premium to the monthly rent. You have to be careful here as you, the primary renter are responsible for what is inside the unit. Refer to our guide on what not to store to be on the safe side.

Peace of Mind

This won’t make you any money, but having peace of mind that your most treasured belonging are safe inside a unit and not at the mercy of a tenant is a great feeling. Keep your most valuable possessions safe, secure and out of anyone’s hands.

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