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June 3, 2014
Life Events Part 1 Feature

Part 1 – Life Events when Self Storage is Beneficial

Everyone experiences big events in life that can be stressful, exciting, unavoidable…some of which are planned and also some that are completely unexpected. To keep your stress level down and your sanity at normal levels, you need to plan for them. You would be surprised to learn how self storage […]
May 15, 2014
VOAPA Donations Feature

Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania Needs Your Help!

For years, our facility has displayed a collection box year-round where you can donate items like clothes and household goods to Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania (VOAPA). We also reserve a self storage unit to collect larger donations such as furniture and appliances. VOAPA suffered a great loss on Monday, […]
May 6, 2014
Boxes Feature Image

Are All Boxes Created Equal?

You’ve settled on the perfect self storage unit for your needs, signed the lease and purchased your disc lock. Now it’s time to start packing up all the extra stuff in your attic, basement or garage. Should you talk to the local grocery clerk or call around to department stores […]
January 28, 2014
Unit Access When Snowing

Oh No…It’s Snowing! Can I Still Get into My Storage Unit?

It never fails…just when you need something from your self storage unit Mother Nature has a mind of her own. With all the snow we have seen this winter, it’s no surprise if this thought has crossed your mind, “I wonder if I can get into my storage unit, or […]
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