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5 Moving Tips You Never Knew About

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We have an endless amount of moving tips. But for these we really tried to come up with some tips that we think no one else knew. If you knew these, let us know in the comments down below. Anyway, on to the list!

Moving Tips You Didn’t Know

1. Newspaper is BAD

We are sure everything you read has told you that using newspaper is a cheap alternative to packing paper. That may have been true ages ago, but the newspapers now will leave your items with stains and marks you may never be able to get rid of. For items you care about, choose packing paper.

2. Color Coded Boxes

Using tape or markers, create a color coded system for which box goes where. This is much easier then labels as you can see the colors from far away. Try to stick to just a few colors as it can become confusing for you and your movers.

3. Wrap Dressers

Make sure to buy some stretch wrap, either from our packing supply store, or an online store. Instead of emptying dressers and drawers just wrap them up and move them like that. Be careful here because your dressers will be very heavy and it might take a few people to move it.

4. Quality Bubble Wrap

Stay away from the cheap stuff here. You want the perforated bubble wrap, this requires no scissors just rip where you need and stuff. Using cheap bubble wrap might result in broken items and a lot of frustration, moving is frustration enough for us.

5. More Smaller Boxes

We always see people with HUGE boxes trying to move in, these huge boxes mean that they are quite a bit heavier and are easily broken. Stick with more smaller boxes and give your back a break, it will need it after moving day.

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